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Tay’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hello everyone! I’m Tay! Today I’m here to be sharing with you guys some of the photos Mom took at the store. I got to come along. It was pretty awesome, it being my first time, and all. So here are the pictures. Wait, so do you want me to be like the commentator throughout the post? “That’s fine, Tay.” Awesome!! So, when we first went in, they had just started the “Welcome the Wellie Wishers” event inside. Girls could decorate {Read More}

American Girl Store Haul – January 2016

Read this post to see what we picked up on our trip to the AG store this past weekend!

Isabelle’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hi everyone! It’s me, Isabelle. This time it was my turn to go to the American Girl store in Kansas City. It was my first time ever to go! I was super excited. My mom was still saving for Lea, but she thought it would be fun to see her collection and stuff. 🙂 Here’s me in the outfit I wore. The vest, hat and hand warmers are from the Warm Winter Accessories. The shirt is the Valentine’s Gift Set {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 4

Finally, time for the My AG displays. Right next to this display, there was a doll with the new swimsuit roller-skating. It looked really weird. Is skateboarding “in” or something? Now they have 2 skateboarding sets: one for My AG, and one for Julie. The detail on this gardening table is amazing. There are cute ladybugs all over everything, and there are even worms in the flower pots! Cute! I love these dresses. They look so fresh and colorful. Here {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 3

Now for the Creativi-Tees, Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins, and the book area! Oh yes, I also decided to add a few other pictures. This, of course, is the book area. I had to step really far back to take this picture. I love this part of the store. It has lots of natural light coming in from the right side. I like the way they arranged the books. About the display in the middle: the other side (the one {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 2

Now it’s time for the Girl of the Year Grace displays! My Grace doll is here “helping” me write. 🙂 This is the display window in the entry of the store. The suitcase is a lot smaller than I thought, but it’s really cute in my opinion. 🙂 It was temporarily out of stock at the store. Catlover02 was disappointed, because she was planning on getting it. I really like Grace’s travel coat. It looks gorgeous with her eyes. Here are {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 1

Yesterday we went to the American Girl doll store. I took over 50 photos. I have so many that I’m going to have to split them up into several parts. Anyway, I got a new doll, and a some birthday gifts for Kaya and Jamie. Guess which doll I got? You probably will guess right. 🙂 First up, the Beforever displays. This is Kaya by her teepee with her horses. Looks like Grace is a time traveler! Even though I don’t have {Read More}

Jamie at the American Girl Store!

Hello fashion fans! It’s me, Jamie the fashionista! You will never ever guess where I went yesterday! What? How did you know? Oh, yes, there’s that picture above my writing. Mom, you ruined my surprise! Anyway, Mom took lots of photos and I got to meet Caroline! I asked for her autograph, but she acted all confused. I mean, she’s a celebrity. How can she not know what an autograph is? I know what one is, and I’m not even {Read More}

Trip to the American Girl Store

Last Saturday, my sister wanted to go to the American girl store for her birthday, but we had some stuff going on. So yesterday we traveled to Kansas City to go shopping (and get some groceries).  I saved up my money from allowance and from doing chores. I was super excited. Warning: Some of the pictures have bad lighting! 🙁 It wasn’t busy at all, but it wasn’t empty. My sisters and I had a great time looking at all of {Read More}

American Girl KC Store Haul – June 2016

Hi! 🙂  Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my haul from our recent trip to the AGP in KC! *I am not trying to brag in any way, I just thought you guys would be interested in what I picked up.* 😉 Here is everything I bought. First, the Pomeranian puppy. It’s so cute!! Kaya has been wanting a dog for quite some time, and I knew a dainty dog like a Pomeranian would be perfect for her. 🙂 She {Read More}